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Just Hemp Dog Collar - Natural and Tea-Stained
Just Hemp Dog Collar Tea-Stained with Brass Hardware
Just Hemp Dog Collar Natural
Wigglywoos Hemp Dog Collar Colors

Just Hemp Dog Collar

This is a great collar when you are looking for shades in neutral and the ultimate in eco friendly design for you and your pup. Offered in 5/8" (XS and S) and 1" (M, L and XL) hemp webbing.


X Small: Fits neck size 7.5" - 10" (19 cm - 25 cm)
Small: Fits neck size 8.5" - 12" (22 cm - 30 cm)
Medium: Fits neck size 13" - 17" (33 cm - 43 cm)
Large: Fits neck size 15" - 22" (38 cm - 55 cm)
Extra Large: Fits neck size 22" - 28" (55 cm - 71 cm)

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit."-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Available in Natural or Tea-Stained Hemp. Tea-staining is a great chemical free way to dye natural materials, resulting in a a beautiful warm brown tone. Comparable in color to walnut, caramel, bourbon, or pecan. Each batch is created by hand and will have slight variations in tone and is not considered a defect. 

Materials: 1 inch Hemp Webbing or 5/8" Hemp Webbing Contoured Nickel Plated Side Release Buckle, Heavy Duty Wide Mouth Triglide Slide, Steel D Ring

(Dog Tag Not Included)

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Just Hemp Dog Collar