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Wigglywoos is on a short break. All orders will ship June 21st.

Our Story

Wigglywoos was born out of love for our four-legged friends. We are an earth-friendly pet company striving to provide you and your pet with the best eco-friendly gear. We handcraft vegan collars, leashes, harnesses, and accessories for your dog utilizing high-quality, sustainable materials and textiles. Wigglywoos pet gear is crafted in-house using hemp webbing, hemp rope, vegan cork leather, and cotton. We carefully source our materials from trusted partners around the globe.  

Nature is the inspiration for our timeless designs and time trusted techniques. Whether you live in the urban center of the city, beachside, on the mountain, or in the suburbs, there is nothing like the open air and your dog at your side. Wigglywoos is a community driven pet company dedicated to animals and conscientious animal lovers. Sustainably made in our studio to raise awareness of discarded senior dogs, homeless, pets, and their people. At Wigglywoos we know one size doesn’t always fit all. We offer standard and custom sizes for the perfect fit.  Please reach out with questions or if you wish to place a custom order for your pup. From the team at Wigglywoos, we thank you for your interest and support.

♥ Stephenie, Anke, Gino, Angel, MonkMonk, and all of the rescue pets that have come to our door


Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, the only tree in the world that is not harmed when its bark is harvested. Most of the world's cork trees are found in Portugal and Spain. We are proud to offer our sustainable designs for your pet. Cork is a wonderful alternative to leather products. It utilizes the natural beauty and warmth of cork while allowing for the richness and durability of leather.  ​

Organically grown European hemp, 100% chemical free, sweatshop free. No GMO, no pesticides, no dioxin, no formaldehyde. Our organic hemp webbing is safe for people, children, pets, and the planet. Small changes make a big impact over time. We value progress over perfection and do our best to provide you and your pet with natural, durable, skin-friendly pet wear.


Organic hemp webbing is a great alternative to nylon, polypropylene, or polyester synthetic webbing. Before synthetic materials, hemp was the natural fiber of choice when you need a strong, durable, and hard-wearing textile. Hemp is a planet-friendly, non-polluting alternative to synthetic webbing. 

Organic hemp requires absolutely no chemicals during growing, harvesting, and processing into textiles. Among the characteristics of hemp are its superior strength, durability, and it's stunning resistance to rot. Hemp demands less water than other natural materials. The hemp plant grows like a weed and can thrive in most soil conditions. Because of its resiliency, hemp has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide while it grows, making the plant carbon-negative. Hemp is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. At the end of their life, products made from hemp return to the earth. Cellulose fibers typically decay within weeks or months, providing nutrients back to the soil. Therefore hemp will not contribute to the global waste crisis, making it a sustainable choice for textiles.




Angel & Gino ( Rest in peace 🌈 )