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Adjustable Seaside Blue Natural Cotton Rope Dog Leash

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Wigglywoo's adjustable Seaside Blue Organic Cotton Rope Leash is 7' in length and 3/8” (10 mm) in width, it includes 2 trigger snap hooks at each end (available in nickel or bronze) and 2 o-rings in matching hardware that can be slid up and down the leash. If you want a shorter leash for training and a longer leash for more freedom while on walks, our adjustable dog leash can give you the best of both worlds.

Each leash is individually made, hand-spliced and whipped. Each splice is finished with hemp whipping twine. 

Leash Uses:

-Snap one end to an o-ring to create a handle and snap the other end to your dog's collar to use as traditional leash
-Snap one end to an o-ring to create a handle and snap the other end to the second o-ring to use as a slip lead 
-Attach the top snap to the opposite end o-ring to create a hands-free leash by slipping the loop over your head and one shoulder

Materials: Hemp Rope, Hemp Twine, Trigger Snap Hook (Bronze or Nickel)

(Each leash is slightly different and lengths are approximate.)

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